Founded now seven years ago as a joke by team owner Trevor Cameron, iRacing Today Motorsports formed from the popular iRacing podcast called iRacing Today. Although it began primarily as an oval based racing team in the Short Track Pro Cup before expanding into the RCRL and the Power Series, iRacing Today Motorsports turned into a major road racing and endurance racing team when iRacing released the team racing feature back in 2015. Using the podcast as a platform to grow, iRTM has massively increased it’s total of drivers in the last few years to well over 40 people and is one of the fastest growing teams on iRacing today. Now a multinational team, iRTM has collected over fifteen championships in oval and road series combined and well over 150 race wins. iRacing Today Motorsports is primed to continue racing exclusively on the Motorsport Simulation for years to come and looks to continue its long standing tradition of classy drivers on and off the track along with its winning ways on the track.


iRacing is the world’s premier motorsports racing simulation. iRacing puts you in the driver’s seat by allowing members to experience today’s newest form of competitive motorsport: virtual racing. iRacing is a fun, inexpensive and highly-competitive way for race fans and gamers to break a sweat by braking hard at the apex, while overcoming head-to-head racing challenges usually reserved for only the professional racers of the world.